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the world of sex and the city

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 A perfect pretender!

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The girl in the shoes

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PostSubject: A perfect pretender!   Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:20 pm

If you notice almost always the women who takes any initiative in doing some choices as a rule.Break up,have a baby,buy a home,go on vacation,change the decor,religion or the first move when you like a man.A woman chase after sometimes with some difficulties because nothing is simple to conquer but maybe not with all the men.What you would like as change would be a man who chase after a woman with a obvious right way,no complication;no embarrassement from gentle somebody who feel comfortable and no the opposite.It would be so very pleasant as feeling.A man who pay attention to you and attentive to yourself by kissing softly your lips.Nowdays,the woman is much more considerate towards a lover.What's a shame!Why is it so rare in the real life to meet somebody like that?
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A perfect pretender!
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