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the world of sex and the city

Forum that draw inspiration from the subject of the serie.
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 All is not necessarily delusion

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The girl in the shoes

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PostSubject: All is not necessarily delusion   Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:56 pm

I was wondering about the statisticals of relationship.It would seem that the quality you've gave a mainly importance did drop as the security nowdays.The job is a need in order to survive needs everyday life and far from a lot of brilliant in short no choice.Many people consist merely of limited choice for everything maybe because they are happy like that with simplicity that is not complicated compared with the demand is yet existing necessary for our own satisfaction.Many try to buy the fashionnable clothes,a cellule phone,a expensive home while they can't afford but aren't very demanding for everything else.As we can't have a stunning relationship, did we replace that with anything else in order to fulfil our frustration?And if you don't want to give up consciously,don't you think that we could have by sheer willpower,hope?Leave the superfluous behind us in order to back to right values.
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All is not necessarily delusion
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