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 Unexpected encounters by chance?

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The girl in the shoes

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PostSubject: Unexpected encounters by chance?   Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:32 pm

In the morning,you leave from your home to go at work and when you're walking in the street,you cross each others by wondering:-Can we pass somebody to love who would be special and which the chance will make a next connection come true thanks to a opportunity to meet?This is would be considered to be the chance,a way is almost over nowadays because the people who wish for love don't wait for this chance on the corner of a street,they prefer meet somebody on a website of meeting.Have you to plan any meet if you wish really fall in love with somebody?Is it so very unlikely the path of love by chance in believe?Are there some people who think that the unexpected encounters still exist?
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Unexpected encounters by chance?
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